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Fula Brothers + MaMuse = FulaMuse

FulaMuse is a double dose of heart poured over rhythms to uplift the body and soul - the union of two bands who nourish and rouse the collective spirit. MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart. Fula Brothers create an ecstatic groove-based dialogue which the heart – and the feet – cannot resist. Magic is created through the collaborative diversity of these two bands. Songbird singers, West African hunters harp, fingerstyle guitar, drums, vocals, upright bass, mandolin - all part of the bounty. FulaMuse raises the dance floor with boatloads of improvisation and songs of generous spirit.

MaMuse |

MaMuse is a musical tune-up for the heart. For 15 years Sarah and Karisha have been creating a community of “singing audiences” wherever they go. These two women have performed at festivals and concert halls around the country and shared stages with many distinguished artists. Since winning Prairie Home Companion’s duet competition in 2012, they have gone on to win songwriting competitions and been honored as keynote performers at such conferences as Bioneers and the Collective Trauma Summit. Many of their songs, including “We Shall Be Known” and “Hallelujah”, have sprouted wings and are now sung by renowned choirs, birthing mothers, and at bedsides of the dying all over the world. With 7 albums and a new album scheduled to release in 2024, they deliver a vast repertoire of Soulful Folk Music.


Fula Brothers|
Fula Brothers create an intoxicating and joyful sound through intertwining melodic grooves and spirited improvisation. Malian kamale ngoni player Mamadou Sidibe and US guitarist Walter Strauss are two instrumental innovators who have performed in the States, the UK, Europe, and West Africa. Mamadou played a groundbreaking role in transforming the popular Wassoulou music of Mali. He was the first to break with tradition by taking the ancient hunters harp outside the hunters' ceremonies, creating the now widely used kamale ngoni. Mamadou is a master musician and improvisor, and a joy from head to toe. Walter’s playing draws on great guitar traditions, but what makes him truly unique is how he has creatively engaged and woven the music of other global instruments into his innovative guitar style. He's brought a distinctive voice to international collaborations with musicians from Mali, Cuba, and Scotland. Together, Fula Brothers create music that is both ancient and fresh, deep and joyous.

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